Seaton Ridge Trail

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Road Conditions: Gravel logging road   Trail Length: 1-1/2 hours to timberline, another 1-1/2 hour to the closest peak at the end of the ridge
Directions: Drive north on Highway 16 for 32.2 km from Smithers to the Telkwa Hi Road at Moricetown. Cross the bridge for .5 km and turn left on the Blunt Creek Forestry Road. At 18.5 km, just past the catleguard, turn left. Bear left at the "Y" at 1.6 km and drive to the deactivation ditch at the end of the road at 3 km. Walk the road for another five minutes and turn right at the next "Y". Follow the road across the cut block to a landing. You'll see the trail along the edge of the timber to the upper left corner of the cut block where the trail continues through the trees.   Features: One of the easier alpine trails and one of the best. Follow the trail up the ridge. Watch for mountain goats and moose. You can hike across the alpine valley and up the slopes on the far side. Water is abundant and there are several waterfalls in the alpine valley.
Walk from the parking spot across this cut block . The trail follows the ridge toward the peaks