McCabe Trail

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Road Conditions: Rough dirt road to parking lot. Not suitable for large or low vehicles. Two-wheel drive is OK.   Trail Length: 2 hours to timberline, 8 km or 3 hours to the summit pass at a leisurely pace.
Directions: Set odometer to zero at the junction of Highway 16 and the Old Babine Lake Road just south of Smithers. Drive on the old Babine Lake Road for 7.9 km and turn left on the Telkwa High Road. Turn right on the Driftwood Road at 9.4 km. You will cross a bridge at 15.7 km. Very rough road from 17.7 to the parking lot at 20.7 km. Walk up main road 1.3 km to the McCabe Trail. Signs and information on site.   Features: One of the easiest of our remote trails. Excellent alpine flowers less than two hours from the parking lot. Watch for birds, such as Clark Nutcrackers feeding on pine seeds at timberline. Trail is always well maintained by park staff. Many varieties of wild flowers on the trail. Watch for Goats Beard, asters, Rubus, many saxifrages, and more.
At timberline
Hyland Mountain, at the summit pass. Watch for mountain goats